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Date: 29th August 2016
16G SFP+ SW16G SFP+ SR transceiverProduct Features ? ?Up to 14.025Gb/s bi-directional data links ? ?Electrical interface specifications per SFF-8431 ? ?Management interface specifications per SFF-8432 and SFF-8472 ? ?Build-in Dual CDR at 14.025Gb/s and bypass at 4.25Gb/s and 8.5Gb/s ? ?SFP+ MSA package with duplex LC connector ? ?Uncooled 850nm VCSEL Laser ? ?35m on 50/125um MMF ? ?100m on high-bandwidth 50/125um(OM3) MMF ? ?Single +3.3V power supply ? ?Class 1 laser safety certified ? ?Metal enclosure,Website:, for lower EMI ? ?RoHS Compliant ? ?commercial operating temperature: ?0?C to +70?CApplications ? ?Tri-Rate 4.25/8.5/14.025 Gb/s Fibre ChannelDescriptionsThis SFP+ transceivers, according to 16 Gigabit Small Form Factor Pluggable "SFP+" Multi-Sourcing Agreement (MSA) SFF-8431 Rev. 4.1 and SFF-8472 Rev. 11.0, are designed for use in Fibre Channel links up to 14.025Gb/s data rate over multimode fiber. They are compatible with FC-PI-5 Rev. 6.00, SFF-8081 and SFF-8432. We offer commercial operating temperature option.Ordering Information for the16G SFP+ LW (16G SFP+ LR)Part Number Transmitter Output?Power Receiver OMA?Sensitivity @14.025G Reach Temp DDM RoHS 850nm VCSEL-6?~ -1dBmPIN<89uw35/100m0~70?CAvailableCompliantTransmitter Optical Characteristics?Table 6. Transmitter Optical CharacteristicsParameterSymbol Minimum Typical Maximum Unit Notes Launch Optical PowerPo-6-3.5-1dBm1Center Wavelength Range?c840850860nm-Optical Modulation Amplitude @ 4.25 Gb/sOMA247--uWOptical Modulation Amplitude @ 8.5 Gb/sOMA302--uWOptical Modulation Amplitude @ 14.025 Gb/sOMA331--uWOptical Rise/Fall Time @ 4.25 Gb/str/tf90ps2Transmitter Waveform and Dispersion Penalty @ 8.5 Gb/sTWDP--4.3dB3Spectral Width (RMS) @14.025Gb/s??--0.59nm-Optical Return Loss ToleranceORLT--12dB-Pout @TX-Disable AssertedPoff---30dBm1Notes: ? ?50/125?m?fiber with NA = 0.2, 62.5/125?m?fiber with NA = 0.275.? ?Unfiltered, 20-80%. Complies with FC 1x and 2x eye mask when filtered.? ?TWDP is calculated with a 1,0 equalizer and a 9.84 GHz Gaussian filter for the fiber simulation. Jitter values at ?T and ?R are controlled by TWDP and stress receiver sensitivity.Receiver Optical Characteristics Parameter Symbol Minimum Typical Maximum Unit Notes Center Wavelength?c840-860nm-Receiver OMA Sensitivity = 4.25 Gb/sRxSENS--61uW1Receiver OMA Sensitivity = 8.5 Gb/sRxSENS--76uW1Receiver OMA Sensitivity = 14.025 Gb/sRxSENS--89uW2Receiver Overload (Pavg)POL0--dBmOptical Return LossORL12--dB-LOS De-AssertLOSD---13dBm-LOS AssertLOSA-30--dBm-LOS Hysteresis-0.5--dB-Notes: ?1.Measured with PRBS 27-1 at 10-12?BER,Unstress sensitivity. ?2. Measured with PRBS 231-1 at 10-12?BER,Unstress sensitivity.General SpecificationsParameter Symbol Minimum Typical Maximum Unit Notes Data RateBR4.25 8.5 14.025Gb/s1Bit Error RateBER10-122Fiber Length on 50/125?m MMFL--150 50 35m3 4 5Fiber Length on 50/125?m high-bandwidth (OM3) MMFL--380 150 100m3?4?5 ?Notes: ?1. ?4x and 8x Fibre Channel compatible, per FC-PI-4. ?2. ?PRBS 27-1 for 4GFC and 8GFC. PRBS 231-1 for 16GFC. ?3. ?At 4.25 Gb/s Fibre Channel data rate. ?4. ?At 8.5 Gb/s Fibre Channel data rate. ?5. ?At 14.025 Gb/s Fibre Channel data rate.
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